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A Bit About Us

AAK ARCHITECTURE  is a boutique architectural, planning, and interior design firm, with extensive international experience in designing:


- office buildings

- banks

- judicial and correctional facilities

- educational facilities

- dining and retail objects 

- medical facilities

- electronic data processing centers

- industrial facilities

- parking/garages

- single and multi-family housing


Through the principal's continuous and direct involvement, the firm offers personalized quality service and a streamlined approach that places equal value on design and pragmatic architecture. The firm's originality reflects its founder's,  Mr. Adam A. Kornafel, intimate approach to design and award-winning humanistic style. His design philosophy and techniques were honed throughout his 50-year career living and practicing architecture in Europe, Africa, Canada, and the United States. He constantly strives to channel his creative yet pragmatic world-view into significant works of architecture, reflecting each client's vision and specific needs. All of our designs carefully reflect the individual program requirements, the wishes of the owner and stakeholders, the context of the building site, as well as effects on the environment and the community.

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